• Art Director on woman+home magazine
    Worked on the launch of this magazine as Art Director.
    Art Director on woman+home magazine
  • Gratzia Café and Delicatessan
    Logo design, menu and branding for trendy coffee shop. PS. Designing in Hebrew = mountainous challenge!
    Gratzia Café and Delicatessan
  • Atlantis Healthcare, London
    Freelance designer working on various print and web projects. Logos have been removed.
    Atlantis Healthcare, London
  • Raptor Rise Olive Farm
    Logo design, signage, all branding.
    Raptor Rise Olive Farm
  • Shisu: the art of sushi
    Logo and flyer design.
    Shisu: the art of sushi
  • indelight
    Project logo and A0 poster.
  • easyBEE
    Logo, flyer designs and business cards.
  • Art Director on essentials magazine
    Implemented a complete re-design.
    Art Director on essentials magazine
  • Lowveld Living magazine
    Design of rate card and Living Media logo.
    Lowveld Living magazine
  • ICG Ventures
    Promotional material.
    ICG Ventures
  • MAMA magazine
    Design and layout of this 60 page magazine for the Nigerian government.
    MAMA magazine
  • Various logo's
    Various logo's
  • Gratzia Deli Catering
    Poster, menu, A6 flyer, postcards.
    Gratzia Deli  Catering
  • Cine Suite
    Logo design, poster and 40-page catalogue.
    Cine Suite
  • Book design
    Page by page book design for teaching English.
    Book design
  • Durga Shakti Films
    Logo design, business cards, catalogue.
    Durga Shakti Films
  • Media Matters
    Logo design.
    Media Matters
  • Mom's taxi
    Logo and car door sticker design.
    Mom's taxi